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Made By Passionate Artisans

Shopterra partners with artisans who share our passion for creating products that are healthy for ourselves and our loved ones and also gentle to our planet.

Our Artisans

It’s a magical thing to bring passions together - the passion for a good life is what we all want. Our artisans create the products that they do because they are passionate. Products that are good for our bodies and keep us beautiful. Products that keep our babies safe. Products that pamper our pets. Products that protect our home from harsh chemicals that could harm our families. Why do they take the time and care to create these products? Because our artisans, like Shopterra itself, have a heightened awareness of product safety and healthfulness, a deep consciousness of their products' impact on our planet, and a profound belief that we can have clean homes, youthful skin and healthy children without compromising our planet. Shopterra is proud to celebrate our artisans and all that they do to help us live better lives

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