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Shopterra is for anyone who wants to live a natural lifestyle. On Shopterra you will find natural products with the help of easy to understand, transparent information about how safe they are for you and the impact they have on the environment. We are a curated marketplace and we connect you with independent artisans who are passionate about making natural eco-friendly products.

Shopterra offers single platform for both natural and environmentally conscious consumers to purchase products with confidence. Our simple, transparent rating system, developed independently through extensive experience and verified by NSF International, increases trust in your products and differentiates your brand from conventional products that are often neither natural nor environmentally safe. We are building a community of people who share your values of living a natural lifestyle and we help them inspire their friends and families to choose natural, sustainable products like yours to make a difference in their lives and for our planet, so you can reach a wider audience online.

Products on Shopterra are listed and sold by someone who makes their products. By shopping on Shopterra you are supporting small, independent artisans who create their products with great care so you can live a natural lifestyle. They also manage their own orders and inventory.

Our proprietary product rating is intended to give Buyers a quick but trustworthy information about how safe & natural the products are and how eco-friendly & sustainable they are. A higher “Good for You” score indicates that a product is safer due to absence of chemicals that cause acute or chronic health effects, and also indicates that the product has a very high percentage of ingredients that are derived from natural sources. A higher “Kind to Earth” score indicates that the product and packaging are highly biodegradable and or recyclable and have minimal detrimental impact to the environment.

Zero Charge to List Products will list products for free. There will be no charge for listing or delisting a product and no charge for maintaining a presence on our website. Commission As part of our promotional sign-on incentive, will charge a low commission rate of 6% on the Sale Price of every product during the first 4 (four) months after listing your first product. After 4 months, the commission rate will adjust based on several criteria such as sale volume.

You can list your products in using 3 simple steps:

  1. Open a seller Account
  2. Upload your product
  3. Complete our questionnaire for your product (we will not ask for your proprietary information) and provide necessary documentation regarding sourcing and ingredients

We review your product, contact you if we need more information, and assign a rating. We then approve the product to be listed. That's it!

Shopterra rates products within 48hrs after a seller uploads and submits a product.

Get started by clicking here and selecting a plan. Provide business details and start submitting products for review.

Once an order is placed, we will send you an e-mail. You can also log on to your seller account to view open orders, update status, process shipping and returns.

As a marketplace shop owner you will set your own return policy, which should be included in the terms and conditions section when you set up your shop.

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As a marketplace shop owner you will be responsibile returns.

As a marketplace shop owner you will be responsibile collecting and remitting taxes from customers. Shopterra will assume this responsibility once it reaches nexus for a state.

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