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Conditioning Hair Mask - 6 oz

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Conditioning Hair Mask - 6 oz

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Why we love this product

Cleaning your hair by putting mud on it? Sounds insane but there is no better way to fully clean your scalp with all your hair in the way! Rhassoul clay is unlike any other clay because it actually adds moisture to your hair instead of pulling out your natural oils. Despite being gentle and hydrating it still is an efficient detoxifying agent that removes product buildup and thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp. This mask hydrates the scalp, balancing sebum production to correct oily or dry hair. It stimulates blood circulation promoting hair growth. When the scalp is clear of old dandruff, dirt and oil the follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients for hair growth and strength. This mask cleanses and nourishes, restoring sheen and bringing out natural highlights. This organic herb and clay blend is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to strengthen and nourish your hair. The combination of detoxification and nourishment makes this hair mask ideal for treating and preventing hair loss, premature greying, environmental damage and dandruff. 

Directions: Mix at least 1/3 cup clay with filtered water until clay is very liquidy. Avoid using metal when mixing as metal decreases the clays pulling ability. Apply starting with scalp, part hair numerous times and apply until scalp is covered. Apply remaining amount to the rest of hair. Only a thin layer is needed on hair, thicker layer on scalp. Cover with a shower cap and leave 30-45 minutes. Can be applied to wet or dry hair, but more water should be added when applying to dry hair. Rinse out thoroughly, parting your hair numerous times while rinsing it out. Follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or Conditioner and rinse thoroughly again. Optional-Mix Hair Oil in with the Mask and water or instead of using conditioner do a quick Happy Hair Oil treatment and rinse as usual.

Organic Ingredients: Rhassoul Clay, Calendula, Horsetail, Hibiscus Flower, Basil, Amla, Reishi, Parsley, Brahmi, Marshmallow, Rosemary, Chamomile, Arnica, Burdock Root.

This blend is 25% finely ground organic and wildcrafted herbs, and 75% sustainably sourced, high quality clay. The medicinal value of the herbs will decrease after a year. All my mask are bottled in Amber Glass Jars to increase the shelf life. A 9 0z Jar will make 3-5 hair mask.

****Disclaimer: Clay hair mask are safe on naturally dyed hair, such as Henna dye. If your hair has received any chemical treatments or dyes this mask will strip it out of your hair. This mask is on a mission to make your hair toxin free and nothing will stop it! So this makes a great treatment if you want to start over with your natural hair. ********

Ingredients List

  • Rhassoul Clay, Calendula, Horsetail, Hibiscus Flower, Basil, Amla, Reishi, Parsley, Brahmi, Marshmallow, Rosemary, Chamomile, Arnica, Burdock Root.

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