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Facial Scrub with Coffee and Brown Sugar

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Facial Scrub with Coffee and Brown Sugar

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Why we love this product

Face scrub "Coffee and brown sugar" 

Coffee beans valued for their bio-active compounds: the chlorogenic acid, caffeine, oxi-cinnamic acids which are powerful antioxidants. During roasting the chemical composition changes dramatically, that's why we used very light roasted organic Kona beans and RAW COFFEE BEANS. The product is enriched with natural oils and vitamins for winter care for the dry skin. I sifted all ingredients to insure the same particle size.
My daughter likes to use exfoliators from the leading companies, but after trying this one out she said it is the best scrub she ever used! 

You wouldn't believe your skin can be sooooo smooth! and very moisturized even without use of any lotion!

The carefully picked essential oils enhance, but not overpower the pleasant coffee smell. 

Try this one and tell me what you think.
How to use : place some of the scrub onto palm of your hand and massage lightly all over your face avoiding sensitive areas ( under eyes and any place with sensitivity). Some people like to use it daily. I recommend 1-2 times a week use. 

The listing is for 2 oz of my original formula Exfoliating Facial Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub. The oz comes i a glass jar, the other ones are in the double wall plastic jars. The shipping is estimated for the biggest jar, so I will refund money after shipping.

Ingredients: organic brown sugar, organic freshly ground Kona coffee beans, organic olive oil, avocado oil, cognac (Hennessy), local Amish bee wax, castile soap, vitamins E and C, natural essential oils: Vetiver, rose, verbena, black pepper, lavender.

Attention please! The smell of the scrub will be slightly different then it used to be, because I could not obtain the same verbena essential oil. It does not effect skin benefits. 


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