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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopterra is for anyone who wants to live a natural lifestyle. On Shopterra you will find natural products with the help of easy to understand, transparent information about how safe they are for you and the impact they have on the environment. We are a curated marketplace and we connect you with independent artisans who are passionate about making natural eco-friendly products.

Shopping on Shopterra is the same as anywhere else online. Because we are a marketplace we have a wider variety of products than other places. When you buy on Shopterra you’re buying your items directly from independent sellers. If you have questions about an item or an order, you can contact the seller.

Products on Shopterra are listed and sold by someone who makes their products. By shopping on Shopterra you are supporting small, independent artisans who create their products with great care so you can live a natural lifestyle. They also manage their own orders and inventory. Interested in becoming a Shopterra seller? Register here.

You can make a purchase on Shopterra in the same way as any other online store. You have the option to make a purchase as a guest user. However, there are many benefits to creating a Shopterra account before buying. When you buy on Shopterra, you're purchasing from individual stores. If you have any questions about a product or order, reach out to the seller.

To contact a seller:

  1. Click on a listing you’re interested in
  2. Click Contact Seller under the listing title
  3. Sign in using your account information
  4. Select the topic of your question
  5. Ask your question in the textbox
  6. Click Send. The seller receives this message and can respond

You can also contact the seller from the store page. Click Contact Seller and send a message to the seller.
If you ordered as a guest, you can reply to the email receipt your received when you placed your order. Search for [email protected] in your email inbox to find your order email.

We strong believe that our seller are compassionate people who care about you and any issues you may have. However, if you are not satisfied after contact a seller you might consider filing a case by logging into your account and clicking on the Disputes link under the Account menu

Shopterra is a marketplace of independent sellers who run their own stores. Each seller has their own policies including returns. Before purchasing, you should get familiar with the shop’s Returns & exchanges policy which is located in the seller's store page. If you have any questions about the seller's policy, you should contact them directly to get clarification

Returning a product
Before initiating a return, you need to get confirmation from the seller that they will accept the return and the timeframe in which they will accept it. You should also have an agreement determining who is responsible for the cost of return shipping (you the buyer or the seller). You should also keep a receipt of your returned product should you need it in the future.
To initiate a return log into your account and click on the Returns link under the Account menu.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.