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Shopterra offers a single platform for both natural and environmentally conscious consumers to buy products with confidence.

Our story

Our Story

The inspiration for Shopterra came from a desire to bring healthy products made with natural ingredients, in a sustainable manner, to anyone who wants to live a natural, eco-friendly lifestyle. We wanted to make it easier to understand what was and was not in the everyday products we buy. We also wanted to inspire conscious choices that help us understand and appreciate our responsibility on this planet and what we leave behind. Why did we want this? Because we each have a personal passion behind living the best life we can live, be the best version of ourselves, give back to our communities and make responsible choices for ourselves, our families and our planet.

But it is not easy to find truly natural products. It takes a long time to search for an authentic natural product and when you find it how do you really know it is natural? With so many tongue twister ingredients, you would need to be a scientist to make sense of them all or spend hours on the internet to make sure they are non-toxic. Once you find that natural product you need to repeat the process again if you want to find some other natural product like a sunscreen for your baby. Moreover, online natural product stores don’t have a large selection of products or make you subscribe before they even let you browse their products.

That is why Shopterra was born. At we provide a one-stop, transparent online marketplace where you can buy all your certified natural and eco-friendly products.

And our easy to understand rating system demystifies product ingredients to help you figure out if a product is truly natural and eco-friendly. The system was developed with many years of industry experience, so you can be confident in the ratings we provide. 

At Shopterra we also care about where we get products from and we celebrate our artisans by introducing them to our customers. We support various causes around the globe that bring us together and encourage conversation about sustainable living and conscious choices.

Come, join us and other like-minded people like you who want a natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Samantha, Co-Founder

We want to connect customers who care with brands that care too.

We are building a community of like-minded consumers who share your values of living a natural lifestyle and we help you inspire your friends and families to choose natural, sustainable products to make a difference in their lives and for our planet.